Monday, February 1, 2010

Is the Week Over Yet? :)

Curt just left and I am ready for him to be home! He was pretty concerned about me when he left, but I told him I would be fine. I always am... :)

Yeah, thinking that I may not be! It would be fine if I wasn't sick as well, but I am. I have no voice, so I have to repeat myself MANY times before the kiddos hear me! Or I have to clap my hands to get their attention, then I end up waking up Mr Thad who is extremely fussy right now!

Kotah just started with the sore throat and head ache... She seemed to be doing better this afternoon, then again tonite she was getting it back. So, I gave her some meds to help her sleep. no worries, its the all natural stuff, yes, it is still meds, but a bit "healthier" for her, right? :)

Gavin seems to be ok, but a slight stuffy nose and his one eye is all puffy. It isn't in his eye, but under it... So I got some sliver colloidal today and put a drop of that in his eye before bed and then gave him something to nip his stuffy nose in the bud before it gets any worse!

Skylar has had a stuffy nose for almost a week now, and then just started coughing a bit worse yesterday and today. I tried using my natural cough med that I had, but it wasn't cutting it, so after her nap today she told me, I couldn't sleep good mom, I couldn't stop coughing mommy! I looked at her pathetic little face, puffy eye, snot running out of her nose, and I knew I had to get something else for her! SO... back out we went and got some mucinex. First dose didn't do anything for her, so I upped it a bit, it said I could give her 1/2 to 1 teaspoon, so I gave her the full 1 teaspoon before bed! That child needs sleep! :)

Thad started with a stuffy nose and slight fever last Sunday, but it went away... Then his snotty nose stayed and then a tooth popped through! YEAH!!! But the stuffy nose stayed and then he got a cough... Tonite he has had a fever off and on all nite. But I see that next to the tooth that popped through there is another one coming.... So that will explain the fussiness and then the stuffy/runny nose... But the cough....

I have a stuffy nose and pink eye! GRRR...... (Got to thinking, haven't had pink eye in this house since Kotah was about 6 months old, so that's been almost 7 years ago, guess it's time someone got it huh? ME!!! YAH!!!!! lol) Did some looking up on home remedies for pink eye, and tried a few until I could go get the colloidal sliver. Atleast the sliver doesn't sting! Those drops I've gotten from the doc for pink eye stings like the dickens! So... Hopefully it will be better tomorrow, still pink, but not as bad and it doesn't hurt or sting anymore! Yeah! :)

I had it tonite! Wondering if I could do it. Of course I can!!! :) I am just tired... We still don't have a doc out here either. We have a place where I could take the kids in if I need too, but I don't want too. I went online with our insurance to find a doc that would work, and I called them today to make a 9 month appointment for Thad and well, I got a recording that said this number is no longer in service! hmm... Are they no longer practicing, do I really want to take my kids there? So, back online to find a doc! The next closest one is 30 - 40 minutes away! Grr.... So will try and call them tomorrow and see if I can't get Thad in there for his 9 month check up. If he is still bad tomorrow, I will try to get him in sooner to be checked!

It just sucks because I know it's a cold and will have to let it run it course, but it's hard to have all 4 kids sit on my lap at the same time! I don't have energy to cook, clean, laundry, FORGET school, (NOOOO way that's happening right now!)... I have sooo many things I wanted to get done while Curt was gone this week, but I don't think any of it's gonna happen! I just hope the house doesn't look WORSE by the time he gets home! :) I was hoping we would all be feeling better too...

Just need some sleep and tomorrow will be better, right?

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
God will help me get through this week! First day is usually the toughest, right? It's all downhill from here! Help me to get through this God, give me the strength to get through this week and get us all well again!!!! Amen!!!
What's that other verse from Matt? Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.
Yep, I CAN do this!!!! :) It's not like I haven't been home alone with the kids for 5 days right? Oh wait, not with 4 and all sick! :)

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