Sunday, January 24, 2010


Wow, I did it! :) Wasn't too sure if it was all gonna get done or not!!! But I made it! :)

I made the chocolate chip cookies on Friday. Then Saturday I finished the desserts. Yes, I said desserts. I made 2 different kinds, but I made each one twice. I wanted to make sure there would be enough! Pastor told me at first there were gonna be about 50 people, then he told me closer to 40. So I HAD to make sure there was enough dessert!!!! ;)

I also made pizza last nite for supper! I am not really sure what I was thinking, making all the desserts, just getting them done at 5, my little eating machine needed to eat at 5, I had to roll out the pizza dough, get it in the oven, make 2 calzones... I had pizza on my menu and really wanted to follow through with it! I was super excited to try the recipe I found since I haven't found a good one yet! Found out some secrets as well... (will share those when I post the recipe!)

So I got the pizza and calzones in the oven, fed my little eating machine, we ate and it was edible, it was really good infact! :) Then we gave 2 of the kiddos showers, back downstairs, movie in, the littlest then got a bath, got them all a snack, got 2 boxes of pasta cooked, then had to put the munchkins to bed, another 2 boxes of pasta made, fed the eating machine and got into the computer for a little, watched a movie, then bed... Except, I wasn't able to sleep, not because I wasn't tired, but because a certain little bubby decided he wasn't feeling so hot! He had a fever, then it broke, then he got it again... This happened about 4 times last nite, every time I was just about to go to sleep, he would wake up again! I think I got about 2 hours of sleep! I ended up on the couch and just held him all nite! Poor little guy! Not sure if he is teething, or is in the beginning stages of getting sick! :( I wanted to be up by 6 (that's usually when he eats...), get in the shower and get crackin on the rest of the pasta! I wanted to be done in PLENTY of time, that way I wouldn't feel like I was being rushed! Well.... My little guy woke up at 7:15 to eat, (I actually got one solid hour of sleep! WHOO HOO) fed him, laid there, out of it... Realized what time it was, almost 8,YIKES!!! Still needed to get a shower, feed the others, and get myself looking half way alive after the shower, and finish the food! Oh boy, a little bit of panic struck me, but then I am like, I can do this! God give me the strength! Boy He did! I didn't really freak out or panic about the time, just got it all done! I wasn't even running around like my head was cut off! :)

I seriously wasn't stressing about getting it all done, thanks God for the calm nerves!!! :) My hubby wasn't going to go to prayer meeting this morn, but I told him to go, then he took one of the munchkins, so it was fine! :)

I did let the girls watch some Mickey Mouse this morning since it was on! I know, bad mommy! But I REALLY wanted to get the food all done and not worry about them fighting! :) My little guy was still pretty cranky and tired, but he sat and watched it!

My hubby called after they were done and asked if he needed to come home and help, but I said I was getting it all together, so no worries!

I wanted to be at the church by 10:15, but I got there at 10:30, so I guess not to bad! :)

Got everything in the kitchen, then realized that the pans were a little bit bigger than I thought, or the oven was smaller than I thought! I could only get 2 pans in at a time, I had 3 pans... So I was like oh boy, now what? Ok, put those 2 in now, the one pan was still a tad warm from me cooking the pasta this morning, so put the 2 cold ones in, got them out at 11:45, put the other one in, and it was all good! :)

Now I need to get cracking and get these recipes on on blog! :) I haven't been doing so hot this week on getting a new one everyday! Opps... Been a crazy week! Will TRY to do better next week! I am going to TRY and post ONE new recipe everyday, except Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to put some type of scripture with some thoughts on Sundays, but forget about it on Saturday nite and don't have the energy to do much on Sundays... Will try and do better at that! :) That's my goal, will see if it happens!

So be on the look-out this week for the recipes of the food I fixed today for membership class!

As tired as I am, mostly because of being awake half the nite, I had a BLAST! I LOVE cooking and helping out! I LOVED doing the breakfast bar at JCFC and am glad that I can help out now at the Garage! Next membership class may have even more people, BRING IT ON!!!!!! :)

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