Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This morning started off ok. Curt got up and did some e-mails and then he left to go to a store and send out his laptop. I swear, he is just trying to get a new one! :) (for work)

The kids were playing nice and then oh my! Gavin and Skylar were screaming and yelling at each other, then 5 minutes later they were perfect angels playing together. Then they went to torture Kotah in the kitchen who was putting a puzzle together. Then Skylar went off to play upstairs and Gavin wanted to put a puzzle together. They were being good, then something happened and puzzle pieces went flying!

Then Thad decided he wanted to leave the TV Room and go exploring... So off he went to the kitchen to taste the puzzle pieces.

Its been a day, but I am surviving! I WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I got them lunch, put them all in their rooms for a nap, fed the eating machine and decided to whip the Wii Fit out! I was just finishing up and Thaddeus decides he didn't like what I ate (a cucumber) and out it all came out! So I turn the Wii off, strip him down, give him a bath ( I will also mention that he just had one LAST nite!!!) get him dressed, and now am in here. I really would like to eat some lunch, but while I had some "quiet" time, I got in here. :) I also need to get the tree down and the nativity's put away. Yes, I have more than one nativity. :)

Kotah is now up and playing, so I guess I better get going, I still need to get my recipe up on my other blog, but that will wait, my tummy will wait no more! :)

Here's to hoping a better evening is in store! :)

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