Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm asking for prayer for good friends of ours from Iowa... She had another doc appointment Friday and as you can see, she goes back Tuesday.... Please pray that they will feel God's loving and healing arms around them! her name is jen and her hubby's name is Jon, they have 3 kids and are pregnant with these precious girls! Thank you for your prayers!!!! <3
I guess there is good news and bad. I just wish there were more good! The good news is that little baby's fluid increased a bit so the doctors are hopeful. The bad news is that she is only getting blood flow when her heart contracts, not when it rests. And big baby's amniotic fluid has increased a lot, which is not good. It is putting strain on her heart. So now I am between moderate to severe TTTS. I have another appt on Tuesday. If it gets much worse we will head to Milwaukee. Meanwhile, just praying, hoping trying to have faith and fight off despair.

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