Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here are some pics for you to enjoy... :)

Not feeling so swell! :(

These are backwards, I forget when I put them in here, I need to put them in backwards so it will come up right, opps... Too tired to fix it! Skylar was giving him kisses, then he slowly got her back! Here he is putting his head on her, rubbin' up against her! SOOOO SWEET!!! :)

Get her like this mom? :)

Skylar givin' him some lovin!

I love them chubbers and eyes!!! :)

This afternoon, snotty nose and slight cough, but having fun! :)

Just like big brother, LOVES monekys!!!! He LOVED this part of the book!

Gettin' his big brothers hair! hahaha

Gavin will be lookin out for his lil bro!! They were laughing at each other! SOO SWEET!!!!!! :)

Watchin' a movie and NOT fighting about sharing the blanket! :)

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