Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Little/Big Guy

This little fellow is on the M-O-V-E!!!!!!!!!! He isn't crawling on all 4's just yet, but he's been trying to get up on all 4's, and just stays there like, ok, now what? :) TOO CUTE!!! But boy can this little guy SCOOT!!!!!! I guess he is perfecting his army crawl!
I put him in the living room while the other 3 were playing cars, and went into the kitchen to get supper in the crock-pot and he made his way around to the dining room and the turtle tank and the baby bottle! :)

Playing cars with his big bro

Playing with the child lock from the TV stand... So it wasn't actually locked, but it was through the hooks! He played with it enough that he managed to get it off! :)

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