Friday, January 8, 2010


I called mom yesterday morning (almost noon) too see how she was doing. Oh my, let me tell you what!!! She sounded like her old self again! (I told Curt, I have my old mommy back!!! :o)) She sounded like she could run a marathon! She also went and got her hair cut at 8 that morning, and then went to 4 or 5 other stores! Before she got these new pills she wouldn't have been able to do all that, or if she did, she would be asleep and SUPER tired!
I pray that these pills continue to work for her! She said she can see her knuckles and she can make a fist, not as tight as she would like to yet, but she could press her fingernails into her palm! YEAH!!!!
Thank you for all your prayers, keep praying that these pills keep working and her B/P doesn't go up! :)

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Angela Sustala said...

PRAISE GOD! Will continue praying!