Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Home Again...

We got home about 1am Sat, well, I guess it would've been early Sunday morning! :) It was all good until we hit W. Va and then the mountains in MD. I slept off and on, but I don't feel like I got any sleep!
It was so very hard for me to leave! I don't know if it is because mom isn't feeling the greatest and her hands are swelling, or that it was a major holiday and dad isn't here. Or the both. I dunno... I cried alot on the way home...
Matt (my little cuz, ok, well, he isn't so little anymore, he is taller than me, but he is younger! :)) came out on Wednesday. It was sooo awesome to spend the day with him! We got out the old VHS (yeah, don't really know what THOSE are! LOL) and we watched one of when we had Matt. We figured he was about 15-18 months old! SOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!! There was quite a bit of tape that actually had dad in it! Normally he is the one BEHIND the camera, so it was neat to see him! While we were watching it, the phone rang, in my head (for a split second) I was thinking, oh, it's just dad calling to say he is on his way home, a customer came in and the girls couldn't help them, so he had too... As soon as it came, it left. I realized, dad isn't here, it's not him calling.
I took my dad's Pepsi shirt. Mom was asking Kris and I if there was anything that we wanted and she would say yes you can take it, or no, I am not ready to give it up. I was packing our suitcases to leave and she was like is there any shirts of dad's you want? I said I can wait mom. She asked again, what do you want? I said, you probably want to hang onto the Pepsi shirt? She said take it, then I grabbed his old TRINITY (where he used to work a hundred years ago! LOL) as well. I may or may not wear them, but I remember him wearing them. :)
It was a good trip home. I was ready to leave, but wanted to stay. Now I know my mom isn't an invalid (SP?) but I know she struggles with some of the things around the house b/c of her hands. She is doing good and will find out what's going on, if its Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or whatever else it could be on Wednesday the 6th, so tomorrow. I pray the docs can figure it out and give her something to help her right away!
We got to spend a could of days up at the Cecils and that was tons of fun! We ended up doing our Christmas on Monday nite up there, then on Tuesday we did the "siblings" gifts. The kids had soooo much fun playing and running around with all their cousins!!!!! Next time Thad will be up and running with them as well! :) Friday afternoon we went to Crazy Pins and got to go bowling! I ALMOST beat George, but yeah, oh well! Then the 2nd game we played, I twisted my back the 1st frame and so I was off the whole game! Oh well! I still had fun! I can also still kick butt in Wii Bowling! LOL
Thursday Aunt Claudia and Uncle Craig came out and we did Christmas with them! Had a really nice visit and they stayed until the New Year! heeheehee
All in all it was a great Christmas! It was a little odd and different not having dad there, but we are all gonna make it. I still tell myself, I may not like all that has happened, but I trust God. I know He knows what He is doing. I don't have to like it, but I have to accept it and TRUST HIM!!!!!
This is a New Year! Gonna make new memories and cherish the old ones!

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