Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DC Zoo

What a trip!!! :) I've been to DC quite a few times now, but ALWAYS with Curt, and his GPS!!! Plus he was driving!

I decided last week that I wanted to go to the zoo with the kiddos and knew the weather was supposed to be nice, so I was going to take advantage of it!

Curt printed off mapquest directions so I knew where to go. I was pretty sure on how to get there, but I had them "just incase"! Let me mention that it was on how to GET there, not coming home. You can't go exactly the same way to get back home...

(Thanks to those of you who mentioned googlemaps... Mapquest was how the GPS is, so I stuck with it b/c they had some extra turns in the google one that I wasn't sure about...)

I got all the way to 295, I saw a sign that said to 295, so I took it, but after a while, I am like, this isn't right... So I went a few more miles and really knew that this wasn't the right way... I only went 6 miles out of my way, but by the time I got all around again it was an extra 30 minutes. Traffic was a PAIN!!! I would've gotten to the Zoo in 1 1/2 hours, but it took me 2 hours... Traffic was crazy!!! It should take about an hour and 10 minutes. THEN I couldn't find another street, but I passed Connecticut. The zoo is on that road, so I turned back around and went down Connecticut and finally got to the zoo! I actually went by it and Kotah was like, um, mom, there's the zoo! I was like yeah, I finally got on the right street and was so glad I got there, I forgot to look FOR the zoo!!! (hahahahaha) So I turned around AGAIN and made it to the zoo! We ate our lunch, and then went and walked around! We were there for about 2 hours, then Skylar was ready to go home, she was tired of walking! I was in such a hurry to leave, I forgot to put the stroller in the van, and wasn't going to rent one either! So I carried Thad for 2 hours! FUN!!!! We didn't get to see the panda's this time, but am SO planning another trip!!! :) Will look for those fun guys FIRST!!!! :)

SO, we hit the bathroom before leaving, got them all buckled in the van, gave them their snack for the ride home.... Realized I didn't have any directions to get home, but hey, I can do it, I got there, right? So... I am not really still 100% sure where I was, I did go all the down on Connecticut, then I passed the White House, WHOO HOO!!! :) (said a prayer for the president as passing) Just before passing the White House, I THOUGHT I was there, but not sure, so I was kinda going a tad slow, this guy was on my BUTT, literally, I am not sure how he didn't hit me, I realized where I was and knew I needed to get over to the right hand lane. There was one lane to my left and 2 to my right, I needed all the way over to the right in BUMPER TO BUMPER traffic! (This is where my MI driving skills kicked in!!! hahahaha) I noticed that I could get over to the right hand lane if I slowed down just a bit to get over, well, the guy who was eating my butt had other plans! He FLEW over to the left lane, back over RIGHT in front of me and as he was going by he was hollering and waving his middle finger! So I smiled back and mouthed, Jesus Loves You, and waved! (with ALL my fingers!!!) So then, he got in front of me, then flew into the right hand lane just as I was going over, so I had to get back into my lane, wait a sec, then get over... All the while passing the White House and telling the kids that's where the President lives! :) (I should also mention that I said, ugh, I HATE DC!!! kotah said, why mom? I said, the traffic, people are being mean! Kotah said, why, because they don't know Jesus? I said, I dunno!) Made it all the way over BEFORE the light!

I then went through China Town. I told the kids this is China Town, and Kotah pipes up, this is where daddy went! I said, uh, no, not here. She said, but you said this is China Town and daddy went to China! So I had to explain to her the difference! :) I got to the interstate, don't ask me which one! :) I saw a couple of signs and I am like, oh crap, now which way? I THOUGHT I was supposed to take the one to Richmond, but not 100% sure, so I call Curt, hey babe, which one do I want? So I tell him, and he was like, uh, the Richmond one! YAH I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! :) So, I made it home! I also had the option to go 495 (the outer loop) or 210. The last time I went 495, I got WAY turned around, it was on the way home from IN a while ago. So I decided NOT to go 495 and to take 210 all the way home! Got home in one piece! Boy was I tired, but it was so fun! just knowing that I made it there, a couple wrong turns, but hey, I made it! WHOO HOO baby!!!!!!!!!! Watch out DC, here I come!!!!!!!! :)

Sunflower fish (love the color!)

We also got to see a guy feed the cuttlefish and a nautilus, that was cool and fun! :)

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