Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've been blessed by my father with a WONDERFUL back! :) I always remember him and playing volleyball (most of you know what I'm talkin' about!! lol) and then him out for the rest of the summer because of playing volleyball! ;)

Ok, so maybe not all my back probs are blamed on him, it can be stress too! It's not like I haven't had any stress in my life lately... (Please note, I am not complaining, this is my blog and I have the right to put my feelings down! :))

The last game of bowling I played Friday, I threw my back out and totally felt it! Then the ride home didn't feel too much, but it hurt. Then I pulled the Wii Fit out Monday to try and "loosen" it up, then that nite it was worse again, and then Tuesday was HORRIBLE!!! But I pulled the yoga on the Wii and tried that! Some of them I couldn't even do! It hurt to pick Thad up and sit in bed to nurse, I couldn't even sit right! But this morning I'm feeling a bit better, here's to hoping it's on the mend! I LOVE having a bad back! It makes my life soooo much easier! :)

I've got so much to do, I don't have the time to have a bad back right now! :)

So maybe one more time with the Wii and my back will be back? :)

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