Thursday, December 17, 2009


We are actually supposed to get about 4inches of snow out here. Yep, 4 inches! Heard that the whole town might shut down! Yep, 4 inches of snow and the place shuts down, yeah... I guess we shall see! I haven't had a chance to get to the grocery store and planned on doing it tomorrow morning, now that I hear we are supposed to get "all that" snow, I am so not looking forward to going out tomorrow morning! Everyone is going to be out getting their "snowstorm" food! It kinda cracks me up thinking about it! I'll be the only idiot on the road during the "snowstorm"! I'll probably get pulled over and put in jail for putting my life in danger! HAHAHAHA!!! I did hear though that out here if there is just a little bit of snow, the whole place (or maybe state?) shuts down! I'm kinda excited to see just how much we do get and if what I hear is really true! :)
Kotah has her play tomorrow nite and is supposed to do it again on Sat. But I got an e-mail saying that they most likely will cancel the Sat nite program and just stick with the Friday nite one. It's gonna be even more packed if they only do it Friday. Kotah is excited but yet she told me she hopes she doesn't get nervous. I told her she will do just fine! She has many other kids next to her, and that they is no need to get nervous. I will be glad when this is over just because of the major practice this week! She's exhausted! Shoot, I'm tired too! She had gym tonite, then play practice tonite, so she was even more tired! We are supposed to be getting a dvd of the performance then! :)
Tomorrow's gonna be a fun day, wish me luck! Hope I can find all the food I need, then get some school done (hopefully), then make the kiddos lay down, then off to the church for the play! :)

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