Friday, December 18, 2009

Please Pray

Went to Giant's today and was going down the Health Food isle to get Skylar's milk. Was getting ready to put the milk in the cart and this guy walks by and says, hi, how are you? Then says hey to Kotah. Then he looks at all of us and then asks, you you guys drink apple juice? We said yeah, sometimes. he said, this won't take but 2 secs of your time, not trying to be a bother, but this is the best juice there is! It is 100% pure apple juice, it's like putting a straw right in the apple! He said, it's kinda expensive, but it's THE best! He was talking a little bit more and come to find out he goes to a church just down the street from us. He said, I am a Christian. (not too many people will tell you that in a conversation) He asked Curt if he was military and Curt said no, and then proceeded to tell him where he works. He then said that he just brought his wife home from John Hopkins. She just had a brain tumor removed. He then went on to tell us that she just recovered from breast cancer the year before. He said that she goes back Tuesday for a scan. He said he was scared that they would find more cancer. We told him we would pray for him. Curt handed him a business card and said please call me with how she's doing and the results. We will put her on our prayer chain so we all can be praying for you and your family during this difficult time. He was very grateful when we said that.
How weird, I am, how many of us come into a conversation like that, and it all started with apple juice! I have honestly never had anyone recommend a certain apple juice! But we ran into him for a reason, and that reason is so that we all can pray for him! His name is Jack and his wife is Jackie, their last name Clipper (like finger nail clipper he said :))
PLEASE remember this man and his wife in your prayers!
Jack and Jackie Clipper
Sounds like they have been through a very difficult couple of years, I pray that they can have a very good holiday this year!

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