Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Christmas Memories

Here I am sitting using dad's laptop. Yes, I still consider it dad's, even though he isn't around to use it.
We celebrated Christmas today before supper. The first one of many without dad... It was going good, but hard to see the gift tags from Gramma and not Gramma and Granpa. Hard to not see dad sitting in his chair taking pics of the kids opening their presents.
It was a good day though.
We (Kris, Amy, Curt and I) had decided earlier that we wanted to get them an anniversary bowl like Kris and Amy got for their wedding. It was ordered and paid for before dad passed. It was so beautiful! Kinda hard to see mom open it, many more memories folding over all of us.
We then ate some supper, then we got the kids bathed and then a short movie, then they went to bed. After they got settled down, Kris pulled out some VHS (I am not really sure what those are! LOL), and we watched some of the oldies that dad taped off. So fun to watch! Then we found an old Peter, Paul, and Mary one! FUNNY!!!! Then we found one that he had taped for me, The Popples, but I knew a long time ago that he taped over it. Kris found it and said here's Mandy's tape, but I said, he taped over it! He popped it in and sure enough, he taped over my Popples! Guess what he taped? Dances With Wolves! Seriously, who would tape THAT over Popples?!?!?! :) Oh well!!!
It's been good, it's been hard, but it's been good! Making new memories and remember the old times. Laughing and crying, it's all good!
I am feeling, I dunno. It's just really weird not having dad here. But I do know where he is and it all happened for a reason. We may not agree with what God has planned. He may not always let us know what His plans are, but He knows what He is doing...

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thumper said...

Yes, it has been a good good to have all of you here with me. Dad loved family times and would be so happy we are continuing to make memories :)