Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Kotah has play practice all this week, well, ok, not tomorrow. The only reason she doesn't tomorrow is b/c the teacher has her kids plays then. So she is going to the one and then her hubby is going to the other. But that's besides the point...
I took her tonite and met Curt over at the church, he was in Delaware and on his way home. So I fixed supper, cleaned up, got the kids loaded in the van and at the church before 6. Her practice last nite was from 6 to 8:30, again the same tonite. Personally, I think that is WAY to long! I mean seriously! This is a KIDS play!!! The play is Friday and Saturday nite. I understand why there is 2 of them, but the practice? Seriously?
So we dropped her off and then Curt, Gavin, Skylar, Thad and I went over to the mall to walk around. PLUS I needed to find a shirt for Kotah to wear for the play. We got back to the church a little earlier, and I said I would stay with Thad until she is done and Curt took Gavin and Skylar home to get showers and that way he could do his e-mails. he hadn't been able to check any all day b/c of being gone.
I was so upset by the time I left! I am telling you! The teacher would yell, no, you ran up to the mic to fast, now you're going to slow! So and So, stand up! So and So, stand away from the mic, your singing to loud, so and so, get back closer to the mic, I can't hear you! House lights up, stage lights down! Go change the days on the sign, well, you were supposed to change it to 3, not 5, (so they go to change it to the right number, and she yells, just leave it) They couldn't see b/c the lights weren't on! It's a good thing she didn't yell at my kid or I would've given her a piece of my mind! Call me old school, but seriously! Give these kids a break! I felt sooo bad for them! They all were soooo tired of standing there! Ok, she did let them sit down for a sec while there were speaking parts, but 2 and 1/2 hours of practice!?!?! WHY? They are kids! It isn't supposed to be PERFECT!!!!!
At the end, Kotah came and found me sitting in the back and I saw her with her water bottle and it was still full. I asked, honey, did she not give you a break? And kotah said no. I am like, what? Two and a half hours of singing and you don't even let them have a break? GRRRRR...... I was irate. I told Curt, I don't think I can get her again! It is taking all of me to leave her in it! I want her out soo bad! If she is in charge of it again next year, you can bet anything Kotah will NOT be in it!
Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to bad mouth and if anyone from the Garage or New Life reads this, I am sorry, but I am just voicing my opinion! There is NOTHING wrong with things going wrong during a KIDS Christmas program! Or am I just being "old school"?

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