Saturday, November 7, 2009


Mom called a few minutes ago. Dad is now stable and has no pain. I guess his pain level was about a 12 he said.
They put in an IV and doing the pain meds through that.
They took him down to have chest x-rays and then asked if they wanted to have a CAT Scan done. That way they could see if there was any blockages and do surgery.
Dad was like, uh. (Kinda out of it and high off the pain meds...) Mom said, well, they told us there is nothing they can do since the cancer has pretty much taken over his liver. Also we were told that if he were to have surgery, it would do him in. He wouldn't be able to handle it. SO...
Then the doc said, well, we can have him transferred to Parkview Hospice. Dad's heart doc is the one who recommended the Parkview Hospice. I guess there are MANY different kinds of Hospice out there, and the one that came to the house the other day wasn't Parkview, but still good. SO.... The doc then left for mom and dad to talk and decide what they wanted to do.
They are either going to get him stable to come home, or go right to Hospice. Not 100% sure yet on the decision. Dad doesn't want to be in the hospital and he would rather be here among the loud munchkins! ;o) They won't admit him at Parkview Hospital, so he will either be released or go to Hospice.
Mom said that the fluid is just filling back up. He just had the procedure done yesterday and you can't even tell. The important thing is, he is comfortable right now. We just don't want him to suffer or have pain. Hospice would help with the pain that he has too. So I guess that is where we are now.
I told mom if she wanted me to come, I would, I would take Thad with me and if anyone got in my way, I would punch them and tell them to get out of my face! :o)
Dad is still fighting, he is not giving up! Their faith is still so strong! Still feel at peace, don't want anything to happen to them or want my dad to go, but it's all in God's hands, always has been and always will be!
Will update as soon as I find out more info!

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