Friday, November 6, 2009


Mom and dad are up at Goshen right now. Dad is getting more fluid removed. Not sure just how much yet. They should be done in a little bit, hopefully...

Kris and Amy are up there as well. Curt and I have all the kiddos here! :O) So far, I still have a head and can get in here really fast to write this, so that must mean they are being good! Or I drugged them, I'll let you decide!! LOL ;o)

It's been fun and hard these last couple of days. I am really glad that I came a couple of days early. It's been fun playing games and hanging out and making a purple pancreatic bracelet for dad. Ok, so I've run into a few road blocks trying to get it finished and exactly how dad wants it, but I am ALMOST done. Just need to get one more thing, hope I can find it! :O)

It's been hard to see dad getting so tired and out of breath so quickly! It seems like it is going super fast, and I guess it is, but when he got diagnosed with diabetes 3 -4 years ago, it may have actually been the beginning of the cancer. But there was/is no way to tell for sure. I mean, you don't just say, hey I've got diabetes now, test me for pancreatic cancer... So I look at it like he's had it for 3 -4 years, and now it's taking over his body. Don't read that wrong, it's hard to see him go through this. But I feel at peace. I am not sure how to really describe it. I am pissed that he is feeling like crap sometimes, just getting from on room to the next, or his body filling up with fluid, but I am at peace. I know that this is all in God's hands. Like I've said before, it's not what I want for my dad, let alone anyone, but God will get me/us through this. Who knows, maybe all that blood those vampires are taking may help find a cure, or a way to find out about this cancer sooner.

I pray that this time that he's getting pumped that those water pills will help. The lady from Hospice said they might, I sure hope so! Seems like he's filling up pretty quick. He just had it done on Tuesday, and prob could have had it done yesterday. He said it hurts to put on a pair of jeans, so he's been wearing the warm up elastic kind of pants. I offered to go home and get him a pair of those front panel maternity pants. Not so sure if he wants them, but they would be comfy! :o)

Yesterday was also kinda hard. A lady from Hospice came. Just to give us some options. Dad's heart doc recommended them. He said they think of things you need that we may not think of. She said that once dad decides that Goshen can't do anything to help, we can have them come and help. They would have a nurse come 2 to 3 times a week, and then give him any meds he would need if he isn't comfy. They can also come in and help dad get ready and do some other things for him, so that way if he does have a doc appointment, or needs to get out, he won't be so tired from getting ready, they would be here to help him. They also have a program where if dad is still getting treatment from Goshen, they would have a nurse come once a week.

The Lord knows just what we need, when we need it. LOVE looking at my Facebook page and seeing all kinds of updates. People post just the right saying or just the right Bible verse. Just lifts your spirits and then you think, yes, we can get through this! Some days only by God's Grace, but we can get through this!

Dad's not giving up, and neither are we! We feel everyones prayers and support and I can NOT thank you all enough!

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