Wednesday, November 4, 2009

update from mom and dad

Good evening,

We celebrated Herm's birthday with the family and Little Caesar's pizza. Herm wanted pizza and time together. We are watching "Ice Age" with the grandkids(and kids) and having a popcorn party. Making memories.

Today was an appointment with Dr. Oshaughnessey (Herm's cardiologist). He is so very compassionate and caring. After checking Herm, he said your heart is in great shape, unfortunately, you have been dealt another blow. His father died of pancreatic cancer 8 years ago and they tried 'alternative' methods, choosing to not do chemo. He suggested we call hospice for help and see what all they offer. He gave us his home and cell phone numbers and said we are to call him if we need help 'after hours' and he will make a house call! He is involved with end of life care with cardiac patients and also others. We definitely were to go to this appointment today. We have felt surrounded by a caring medical community in this journey. Hospice will be coming tomorrow to assess our situation and make recommendations they think will benefit us. Dr. Oshaughnessey's nurse made the phone call for us after we told him that yes, we thought it would be a good idea to connect with hospice. I made the appointment for the afternoon, so the grandbabies will be napping. I'm so thankful the kids are here to sort through this with us.

Tuesday we made a trip to Goshen to see Dr. Pennington. We also had the appointment to have the paracentesis done. They took 2 and one half liters of fluid off Herm's stomach. He had gained 20 pounds in one week! Dr. Pennington said this procedure can be done as many times as needed and that Herm may need it to be done again by this Friday. Dr. P prescribed 2 different water pills, not sure if they will be affective, but wants to try that approach also. His stomach is certainly not as bloated as it was and he feels a little more comfortable. He is so very tired and weak, but thankful that he is able to eat and to take his supplements. Still planning to go to Maryland for Thanksgiving.

This is getting tougher to fight, but we have not lost HOPE. Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement.

There is HOPE and we are HOPEFUL.

Herm and Carol

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