Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update from the Car...

Yep, from the car! :o) I got kicked out of the hospital, and I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! Oh, except bring a baby in there. Walked in, dad got signed in and then sat down to feed Thad. Dad went in to see the vampires and while he was in there with mom a lady comes out of no where and sits down next to me. I am like ok. She was like, um, you can't be in here with him. I look at her like excuse me? She said we don't allow anyone under the age of 18 to be in here. Then she said, who are you where with? I said my mom and dad. I drove pretty much all nite to be here with them because I don't know what's going on and all. She said is there anywhere you can go? I said no. She then proceeded to say well, I don't know what "exceptions" you allow in your family, but we can't have this baby here. I said, he hasn't had any shots within the last 50 days, and he's healthy. She says more along the lines of how bad of a mom I am to even think about bringing a baby into the hospital. First of all, I TOTALLY forgot about the rule and where are the signs as a reminder? I told her, I said, what happens when you walk out that front door? Or go to the grocery store? She just looked at me. (it was a GREAT look too!! heeheehee) She then basically told me that I can't have him since he is healthy she wouldn't want him to get sick. I could hear in her voice that she didn't want me to do anything to the hospital IF he would get sick. Then she told me, you could put a mask on him. I just gave her a look like are you kidding me? Put a mask on a 5 month old baby?!?! One, he wouldn't leave it on, and two, what happens when he sucks in his breath and in goes the mask? good thing we would be at the hospital! Anyways... I am more ticked off at how the lady approached me! She was really rude, I could see this look in her eyes as she was coming towards me!
So, onto dad. he went in this morning and found out he gained 20 pounds in a WEEK!!!! that's how much water has retained in his stomach!!! So they went in and saw the doc, then they did the procedure. After some messing around they got it done i should say! :O) Then we leave and stop to get something to eat, and dad goes into the bathroom, comes out and says, um, I think we need to go back when we are done eating. Mom is like what? She said, let's just go now! Dad very sternly said, no, we will go when we are done eating! ;o) Where they did the procedure, it was leaking. And since that wasn't on the list of things to watch out for, and we were only 5 minutes from the hospital, they wanted to go get it checked! So, I parked in a handicap (Oh yeah! They have a tag, so I won't get into trouble! :O)) and since it is close enough to the hospital, I can pick up the Internet! ;o) so, that's all I know for now, when we find out anymore, will update.
Please keep them in your prayers!

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Martha said...

Sounds like an unfriendly baby policewoman. Seems like she could've been a bit softer. I hope and pray your dad is more comfortable and maybe the water pills will keep from fluid building up so rapidly. I'm praying...peace and love to you all. I've walked this valley too.