Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Morning Update

Got a call from mom a little while ago...
She and dad slept really good last nite. Dr D was in this morning and said that he was going to put dad on an IV that gave him pain meds every hour. If it was too much, then they would drop it down a bit. Also, if he is still in pain with the every hour stuff, he can still push the button every 10 minutes. If it gets worse, I am sure they will up that one as well.
I guess when he got up to go to the bathroom this morning he pushed the button after getting back in bed and then tried to push it again, and couldn't because it was too soon. Mom said next time he gets up they will push it BEFORE getting up and then again right after getting back in bed.
Dad only got up 2 times yesterday to use the bathroom.
Dr D also asked dad that when the time came, if he wanted to be at home when he passed away. Dr D said you don't want to be at the hospital when that time comes do you? And dad shook his head no and mom doesn't want him there either. He would've gotten to come home today, but Dr D said that "we don't have the pain under control yet."
I asked mom why are they doing it every hour if he isn't in any pain. He only pushed the button 6 to 8 times yesterday. Mom said he told Dr D that he was in pain. Dad is just kinda out of it. So I don't think he 100% knows what he needs. I guess he waits until he feels some pain before he pushes it. Dr D wants him to be in NO pain at ANY time. SO that's why the once every hour and then the button as needed. I also asked mom how they will decide if the pain meds are too much. Mom said she told Dr D he is sleeping alot, so how will we know? But I guess if he is even more groggy and more out of it. I don't think it will be too much though.
I am going to go over in a little bit and take mom some stuff so she can jump in the shower. Even though she said she slept, I think getting a shower will help her out! And a cup of coffee maybe! :O)
As hard as it is to see dad, I am at peace. I can't say that enough. I DO NOT want him to go through this, nor anyone else, but I know and can feel God's Hands around me. I can see Him comforting mom. My parents are such strong people! Dad is still fighting and will keep fighting!
I don't think any type of chemo will help him anymore. Pancreatic cancer is one of the worse ones out there. And it really sucks that they don't have a cure or a better way to find it sooner! But like I've said before, maybe with all the blood that dad has been giving to go to research, it will help find a cure! Everything happens for a reason, it may totally suck, but we HAVE to trust God! He does know what He is doing! Whether we think so or not! ;o)
Thank you all for your prayers! We truly feel them! I don't know what we would if we didn't have all your love, support and prayers!

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cmd686 said...

You are so awesome Mandy. Your whole attitude and the way you are still praising God through this storm is testimony to anyone who reads/hears this!
Christy Dave & Celine