Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is It Really Real?

Wow, what week! I know, I've started out like this before, but wow! Seems, I dunno, weird. We've been through alot this week!
Dad passed away early Mon morning, then Mon afternoon we went to the Funeral Home to make the arrangements, then Tuesday morning mom and I went to the grave site to sign some papers, then see where the actual site was at... Then Wednesday afternoon Chris and Samantha came to visit and we went clothes shopping because we had NOTHING!!!!!!!! Then we came home to eat, they left and Curt, kids and I went out again because we didn't get it all! Thursday morning Curt and I went out AGAIN because I didn't have ANYTHING for the funeral and he needed to get his hair cut, and we got an 8x10 pic of dad copied for mom. We had to be at the church for the viewing at 2 so we could make sure everything was the way we wanted. Got home in enough time to change, feed Thad, eat a few bites of lunch, and head on out to the church for the viewing.
Not something you ever wish you have to do, go see to make sure your dad looks ok in the casket and the flowers are the way you want them to be. We were overwhelmed by the flowers and who sent them! Dad's old work sent a flower arrangement, a cement bench with a saying and an afghan. It's all so beautiful! Mom said she was going to make a garden out back with the bench. It will look so beautiful!
Dad's casket looked awesome! I mean, for a casket! For those of you who don't know, it was Amish built. And looked like the old style casket. Kris (my bro) used to work for an Amish cabinet maker. (Infact, he built the cabinets in mom's kitchen) Also my Uncle Eli who passed away from pancreatic cancer had an Amish casket. The more mom thought, she wanted one. Now we all want an Amish made casket! It was so beautiful! And simple! Just what mom wanted and I know dad would've liked it as well! Dad looked really good, he looked at peace and gad a slight smile on his face!
Funny thing, mom forgot to give them dad's teeth. They say it's a good idea to bury the teeth with the person. The name of the person's teeth is on them, and they say if you throw them in the trash, someone can dig them up and then you can have a whole new set of probs. SO, mom didn't leave them at the hospital, just don't think about it, and then forgot to take them when we met with the funeral director. He said to just bring them and would put them in the bottom of the casket by his feet. So, dad's got his teeth in the casket! ;o)
It was a long day Thursday, but a good day. I'll write another blog of my thoughts and feelings... ;o) Friday, wow, beautiful service, and gave Susie the peanuts before she saw dad! Although I am bummed she didn't eat any before going up to the casket!!! LOL Will explain more later! ;o)
Today, just a day to bum around! Curt left tonite about 4:30, hard for him to leave too! Kris and Amy will leave early tomorrow morning. They were going to leave tonite, but it got a little late and figured it would be easier to leave bright and early tomorrow morning! I will probably leave Wednesday after lunch. It's easier to leave then that way I don't have to stop as much to feed Thad. Will feed him before leaving, then stop for supper, then again about 9:00 and hopefully make it home before he needs to eat again! Mom and Matt plan on coming out for Thanksgiving! YAH!!! Gonna be so fun, gonna so hard, but I think it will be good!!!
Need to get the kids in bed, will post another later...

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