Monday, November 9, 2009

He's Home!

Dad is now Home! I am not gonna lie, I am so very sad, but yet, part of my heart is oh joyful. Knowing he is ok now, no more pain, no more "they call me mellow yellow!", no more fluid filling him up... Mom called early this morning and we don't really even know for sure what time... He gasped for some air about midnite and then he told mom, I'm going home. Mom said that's fine honey, you go. You've fought so hard.
Then again later he said the same thing and then asked where we were and mom told them we were home and that it was ok, they told you good-bye and that they love you. He said, I'm going home. Then mom called the nurse in and the nurse came in, mom laid back down, the nurse took the stethoscope and then another nurse came in and checked him as well. They turned around to mom and said, I'm sorry, he's gone. Mom broke down, but we are ok. We are at peace. We know where he is and he is fine. Having the time of his life right now. I must admit, I am a bit jealous!
Will update when I have more info... Pray for my mom. She is doing good, but it's gonna be hard. We need to go to the funeral home later today and make the arrangements, and that is going to hard on her, all of us...

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Angela Sustala said...

Mandy - I'm so sorry. My dad passed last night also. Guess they are pallin' around in heaven! ;) I'm still praying for your family..