Friday, November 27, 2009

Email from mom

Greetings to all on this Thanksgiving Day evening,

This certainly is an update that I would not have chosen to write. We all were hopeful that there would be many more days of celebrating holidays with family and friends on this earth. Herm was still 'fighting' this cancer on Sunday afternoon, November 8th. We as a family gave him permission to stop 'fighting' and allowed him to give his body the rest that he needed. He was talking and sharing his love for his family and friends up to the very end. Many, many tears of sorrow and joy were shared in that Preview Hospital Oncology room. Tears of sorrow, for the earthly life of one we loved dearly, coming to an end. Tears of joy, knowing that we will be reunited once again some day in our heavenly home.

Herm said many times after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, that we have had 13 years that we didn't ever think we would have. His heart attack could have taken him from us, but he was spared, and we have shared these past 13 years, seeing the kids marry and experiencing the joys of being grandparents. Yes, we would have preferred creating more memories and even watching the grand kids marry, was not meant to be.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that the Lord had our paths cross, and I had the privilege of learning to know and love Herm. Thankful for two beautiful children, two caring 'in-laws', and six wonderful grandchildren. Thankful for the many friends we have had the opportunity to share joys and sorrows with. Thankful for these past ten months that Herm was 'semi-retired' and we could share more time together. Thankful for being led to Maplewood Mennonite the week before cancer diagnosis and being welcomed with open arms. Thankful for Kris, Amy and the boys, Curt, Mandy and the children being home the week before Herm died, that we could share time together. Thankful for a caring, compassionate medical community that walked this journey with us. Thankful for medical insurance. Thankful for so many family and friends who have expressed their compassion and sorrow in our loss. Thankful for being upheld in prayer and continued prayer support from all of you. Thankful for the promise of a Heavenly Home that is prepared for all who believe. I could go on and on..............

Herms last words to me were "I'm going Home, I'm going Home". How beautiful to have that assurance and HOPE. There is HOPE and we are HOPEFUL.

Love and peace to all,

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