Saturday, November 7, 2009

Early Morning..

Mom came in and got me before 2:30 am. Said dad wanted to see Kris and I.
Still not sure what's going on...
He was having some really bad pain, stuff the vicodin wouldn't cover. He agreed to have an EMS called, but was like, hang on for just a few minutes. So about 3:10 the fire truck came and then the EMS came a little later. They gave him some oxy to help with his shortness of breath. So hard for him to walk around, he puts his feet down from the chair, and then just sits then for a few before he can even get the energy to get up.
The water pills are not helping. He is already full of fluid and just got "pumped" Fri morning. His legs are full too...
So hard to see him suffering, he's so strong though, he is NOT giving up!
I have thoughts, but I am not so sure I can put them into words.
I told Kris last nite, we are supposed to be about 100 years old before our parents pass...
I still feel at peace, I thank the Lord for that.
We are not ready for him to go Home, and he may not be either, I haven't heard from mom yet, but post an update as soon as I find out! I just want everyone to know so they can be praying!

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