Saturday, November 7, 2009

another update

Dad will be moved up to the 2nd floor, which is the Cancer Floor at Parkveiw. They talked with the diabetic doc, the one they don't like, but mom said he is a COMPLETELY different person! Thank you Barry for going over to be with them early this morning. Kinda sucks that you need to be that sick before someone is nice to you! Oh well, such is life... anyways... Dr D said he was going to put him on a antibiotic and don't remember why. Also, he said that he could do the procedure with his eyes closed to have all that fluid removed. He said that he could close his eyes and touch dad's stomach, poke the needle in there and remove the fluid. He said it is very common for this procedure to be done, so he could have it done again. Mom said it looked like he was just filling up with fluid right before her eyes. If you have seen dad, you know how skinny he is, so to see him all puffy and bloated... Also Dr D said since you don't sound 100% sure yet that you want to go to Hospice, let's admit you over nite. We know that we will need hospice, but if they can get him stable, do the procedure, maybe he can come home and Hospice can come here? I am not sure yet.
Will post again when I find out more from mom. He should be getting a room very soon. Mom said he was getting kinda antsy, wanted to move, but before she could get a nurse in to see when they would get to the room, he was asleep again. Mom said he is getting pain meds through an IV, but doesn't remember what kind of pain meds. Again, the doc said, if you are in pain, we've got something for it. We do NOT want you in pain. We have more pain meds than you have pain! So... he is kinda dopey right now just because of that, but again, he is comfortable and breathing ok.
Thank you all for your prayers, we can feel them!

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