Friday, October 9, 2009


Man, what a day! I was going to write out my meal plan for the next 2 weeks last nite, but Curt and I watched a movie, and then I kinda forgot about it! Opps.. ;o)

So this morning I had to get it done before going to the store. I told Curt that I needed to get back into the habit of doing the meal plans for 2 weeks. Now I may not cook that thing that I have written down for Tuesday, I may make the thing I had down for Thursday and switch, but atleast I will have all the ingredients! Save time and MONEY!!!!! I used to do it. But got out of the habit, then moving and doing other things instead. I got tired of looking in the frig and saying, (at 5:00- we eat about 5:30ish) What am I cooking for dinner? All to find NOTHING in there! So... I've wanted to do it for a while, but man, talk about energy. Seriously, you wouldn't think much about it! But with everything going on in this house, whew! THEN going to the million grocery stores to get it all!!! I only made it to 2 this morning.... By the time I made my list and menus, made sure all my kids were dressed and had shoes on, (I don't even mess with hair, Skylar REFUSES for me to even comb it! Grr.... ;o)) got Thad in his seat, then oh, what's that smell? Oh thanks bud, get Thad back out, change his diaper, put him back in, while the other 3 are standing at the van door waiting for me to unlock it... Let's just say it was almost 11 before we even left! If it's past 10, I don't go, by the time I get into town (anywhere from 10 to 30 min, depending on where I am going), get into the store with the kids... It gets to late! So, I ran into the Vitamin Shoppe to get some MUCH needed fish liver oil for the kids, and more probiotics for them, then came back to BJ's (it's like a Sam's and Costco, only COOLER! They accept any manufactures coupons, PLUS they have their own too! SWEET!!!). I hate going there sometimes though, just because it's all bulk, by the time you buy it, get it in the van and then into the house, I am BUTT tired!!!! ;o) But I love the fact that I don't need to get certain items for a month or even longer depending on what it is! :o)

Made it home, in one piece, Kotah helped me unload the van (what a good girl!! :O)) got the kids lunch, fed Thad while they ate. Those 3 got done, then put them to bed for a nap, played with Thaddeus for a little til it was/is his nap time. And now, here I am! Guess I should be finding a spot for all the bulk stuff I got, but hey! :O) I also need to go through and figure out what I still need to get!

I was hoping to go to JoAnn's and find some material to make Kotah a leotard or 2 for her gymnastics class. But we will see! Need to go to Giants and get a few more things, and then the market right off 301 to get the rest! ;o) Wish me luck!!!

Oh, then I have to make supper, how about pb and j? ;)

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