Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update on Dad

Glad to be home after a day of chemo and running errands. Herm's counts were good and he could get chemo. ALSO, has gained some weight again... is up to 150.9 pounds!! The supplements and protein shakes are working!! They keep saying that it is very important that he keep the weight on and gain some back, so he is working at it. He has been having some pain across the top of his stomach and right side. The nurse practioner prescribed vicodin for him, and if that doesn't help, will do something stronger. The goal is NO pain. Next week will have the blood draw for the cancer marker (CA19-9) to see how the chemo is working. He has hic-cups again...did last week after chemo...forgot to ask if that is a side affect from chemo.

We came back to Ft. Wayne immediately after chemo because we had another appointment here in town. Herm was feeling good after napping on the ride home from Goshen (no, he wasn't driving!) and wanted to keep going on our list of errands to run. One stop was at Wabash Electric to see his old work buddies and to drop off some paperwork. We had a dinner date at Olive Garden....must say it is better than a dinner date at Parkview cafeteria!!

This past week Herm has been much more tired. I found him snuggled under a blanket on the recliner more than usual....think the cooler, rainy weather hasn't helped either. We continue to be thankful for each day and the time we are able to spend together. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving when we will be going to Maryland to be with the kids and grandkids. We will ALL be together and that will be another celebration.

There is HOPE and we are HOPEFUL!!

Love and peace to all,

Herm and Carol

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