Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update On Dad and Mom

Good evening,

As we were leaving the Goshen Cancer Center parking lot today, Herm said, "I really feel revived!"......that was also my feeling. There was no scheduled chemo treatment today, only the usual blood work and then three separate meetings with staff. It was a very full morning, but we came away refreshed and ready to tackle another week. Again, so thankful that we chose to make the weekly drive to Goshen for help in battling this disease.

First stop today was the infusion lab for blood work. Herm's port co-operated and the nurse was able to get enough blood through the port for what they needed for the labs. Just couldn't get enough to send for the trials this week. Herm isn't a part of a clinical trial where he is receiving a drug, but is donating blood each week for testing/trials. Hemoglobin and platelets are a little low this week, but by not getting chemo it should hopefully correct itself. Just need to make sure he doesn't get short of breath, because if he does, we will be heading to the ER. He hasn't had any shortness of breath, so hopefully he won't.

We then met with Pat, (Mind - Body Counselor) for a one hour therapy session, which was much needed and greatly appreciated by both of us. She was encouraging and offered helpful suggestions for both of us to be better prepared to deal with this for the long haul.

The other two meetings were with Becky, (Dietitian), and Emily,(Naturopathic Physician). They added a supplement and offered suggestions on a diet addition to possibly help with improving platelet count. They are pleased that Herm has gained some weight since beginning treatment. He didn't get weighed this week. His blood sugar has dipped rather low several times this past week and we are all wondering if that means his pancreas is 'starting' to work? Will be checking with local Dr. to adjust insulin level.

Should have the results of the cancer marker CA 19-9 blood work back by Wednesday. We will call to check on that and then let you know what that result is.

We are truly blessed to have you all praying and upholding us through this journey. As in 'normal' days of life, 'cancer' days have good and bad days. We rejoice in the good days and rest on the bad days!

There is HOPE and we are HOPEFUL....

Love and peace,

Herm and Carol

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