Monday, October 5, 2009

Skylar's B-day

So this is a little late, I forgot that some of you don't have an account on Facebook and have been asking for pics of the cakes!!! Sorry...

Skylar turned 3 on Sept 12th! Yikes, she's getting sooo big! She is sooo into Horton, so I did Horton cake! I won't tell you how long it took to make! And then destroy!

She LOVED it and I LOVED making it for her! And if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty good! Now, if you look closely, you will see a part of green frosting missing from the bottom layer... Hmm, wonder who did that? Oh, yeah, well, I won't mention any names, but it was the birthday girl! She was standing at the counter and Curt walked around the corner and she instantly covered her mouth! Then Curt said what did you do? She said nothing, but he saw the green around her mouth! BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I wasn't too happy, just becsaue it was on a spot where I couldn't fix as easily! Oh well... ;o) Below is how I put it all together. I used marshmellow fondant, if any of you wany the recipe, let me know and I will send it to you! It is so fun to work with and it tastes good! Very easy to flavor and color!

This last pic is of all the leftover cake I cut from the bottom of the "topsy turvy" cake!

Marshmellow fondant on the bottom layer and crumb coating on top cake.

Marshmellow fondant on top layer. I didn't care that it didn't cover the top part. Grass is so uneven anyways... ;o)

Because you are working with powdered sugar to roll out the fondant, it gets a little messy! Ok, so maybe I am more messy than most people, oh well! SO much fun! :O) So, as you can see, the top pic, it's super messy, the next one, you can take a CLEAN unused paint brush dipped in water to get into the hard spots and then a DAMP papertowel to brush off the rest, and then it looks all nice and shiny! ;o)

Where Skylar took the piece out to "taste"!!!

Curt helped me dig out the right color of nerds for the cotton and bushes!

Whenever I make a cake, I TRY to make EVERYTHING edible! So, I took a strawberry malt ball, put it on a tooth pick, then added a green twizzler to make the "stem" of the cotton. Then I put pre-made (I normally make mine, but was to tired!) all around the malt ball, and then put pink nerds all over by hand! Super tasty! :O)

I used a strawerry malt ball, pushed a tooth pick in it, then put frosting all around and used green nerds for the bushes. I then took some of that pre-made frosting and colored it a couple of colors, put it in a baggie, cut a corner off, and made flowers. I made Horton out of the marshmellow fondant as well. I did his body and it wasn't staying up, it didn't hold it's shape. So Curt told me to get a plastic Easter egg and then mold the gray fondant around it. So,I did and it worked GREAT! Then for the hair, it's just chocolate sprinkles. Used a toothpick to hold the ears in place. So... That's how it's made! Super fun!

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