Monday, October 26, 2009


Well, not what we wanted to hear today!
Mom called me and said it's not good Mandy.
Dr Pennington said that his liver is full of cancer. He felt his liver today before getting a CAT scan and said that he thought it was full of cancer because it was hard. And he was right.
Dr Pennington and the radiologist agree that it is not the stent that is malfunctioning or closing, but that the liver is hardening and cancer is spreading rampantly.
They are still planning on going to TN tomorrow after they get out of the hospital, the doc said he didn't have a prob with them going, as long as dad is up to it. Mom left the ball in dad's court and he said he wanted to go, so they are going. I think it will be good for them, just to get out and sort things out.
The doc also said that the chemo isn't working, so that's another thing they need to decided, whether or not they want to keep getting the chemo or not.
Please pray for them, that God gives them the wisdom on what to decide, and the courage to keep going. Which they have the courage part! They have not stop trusting and believing in God!

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Angela said...

So sorry, Mandy! We are (still) praying for them and for you. Can't even imagine the full range of emotion for your family. We are trusting in God's perfect plan, even when it doesn't look or feel perfect.