Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Naptime or Playtime...

Skylar was SUPPOSED to be taking a nap, but, yep... She takes her naps in the spare room/office. I make all my kids lie down, Kotah probably takes a nap one day out of the week, but they all need some quiet time, right? I only get about 30 minutes of it quiet, put the older 3 down, then Thad is ready to eat, and he falls asleep about 30 minutes before the others wake up! ;o)
Anyways... Here's the pic of what Skylar got into instead of sleeping!

Yep, "empty" ink cartridges!

It was on her neck too!

Let's just say she got a shower and then right back to bed! She also feel asleep right away!!! ;o)

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