Monday, October 26, 2009

Mom and Dad

Got a call from my mom just a few minutes ago.. This is dad's week to get chemo and the doc decided not to give it to him.
His billyruben (I am not so sure I spelled it right...) count is high and he has had a fever off and on all of last week. The other nite they were almost ready to go in to the ER and have it checked, but his fever went down, so they decided they were ok not to go.
Dad's feet and stomach look as if they are retaining water.
SO the doc said he wanted to admit dad, and dad just hung his head. The doc was like, do you have plans? Dad said, well, we were going to leave from here and go on down to Nashville. The doc was like, oh I love Nashville. But can you give me one day? I just don't like the looks of things. Mom and dad are fine with it, they would rather be there than anywhere else.
The cancer marker test they had done last week, the numbers are still high, the doc didn't tell them how high, but I guess it was high.
So please pray that everything is ok! They will do a CAT scan and see the results of that. I really hope they can still go, they were so looking forward to "Leaving Dodge" and they so deserve it! Please keep them in your prayers!
Will update as soon as I find out more!

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