Friday, October 30, 2009

Diamond Rio - Beautiful Mess

The Story of Diamond Rio by Diamond Rio and Tom Roland.

The book is about the life of six men who are apart of the country and western band, Diamond Rio. There are a lot of pictures in the book, showing each man's childhood and families.

If you are a fan of Diamond Rio, you will love this book! But, I don't really know too much about them and found the story line to drag a bit. I tried to get into the book several times, but felt they used too much filler information to make each chapter stretch. I guess I was hoping for a story that was filled with more meat of Diamond Rio's history so I could get to know them as individuals. I found that I learned about a band who had to work hard to make it in the C and W music community. How it was hard because they started at an amusement park then tried to break free of the stigma.

If you are a country and western fan and even more important, a fan of Diamond Rio, you will enjoy this book. If not, I'd not recommend it.

One thing I did LIKE about this book, if you purchase this book, you either get it in ebook or audio version!

I have a book to give away, so if you are a fan, comment and will do a drawing! (Please comment by Feb 20th)

Or you can go to your local Family Christan Store to pick up a copy!

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