Monday, October 5, 2009

Curt's Cake

Curt celebrated his 30th b-day on the 21st of Sept. Again, just now getting to post pics up here. Not sure why I am so behind on getting them up here, it's not like I don't have anything else to do! Hahaha!!! ;o)

For those of you who don't know, it's a Hobbit House, you know, from Lord of the Rings? ;o) What I originally had planned, didn't work out! I cut it and then the cake just CRUMBLED!!! I was sooo ticked! So I did this in an hour! Yes, an hour! So I am NOT happy with it, but for how long it took, I am O.K. with it!

The top is supposed to be grass. The kids kept saying it was worms and looked like worms! ;o)

Gavin picked out an Indiana Jones Legos Wii game for daddy. As soon as Curt got the paper off, Gavin grabbed it from him and was showing him the back and saying, and it's 2 players daddy, so you and I can play together! Too funny!!!

Kotah picked out Wolverine movie. She remembered that I rented it and the next morning after Curt and I watched it, she asked daddy if he liked the movie. Curt said he did. So she wanted to get it for him b/c she remembered he liked it! :O)
Gavin picked out the gift from the boys and Kotah picked it out for the girls! Skylar got to wrap it and give it to him! :O)

Curt blowing out his candles, and no I didn't put 30 on, although I was tempted! :O)
Kids ENJOYING every bite of the cake and Thaddeus looking bummed b/c he didn't get any! :O)

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Jena said...

Your cakes are so awesome Mandy! Good job :) Happy 30th Curtis!!! Those kids are SO cute and I just want to kiss them! Love you guys!