Friday, October 9, 2009

Cooking with Skylar

Curt took Gavin and Kotah to Gavin's karate class Wednesday nite. Thad was throwing up sick that afternoon, so I decided that I should stay with him, just in case. We also didn't go to church Wednesday nite, I know, I know, HEATHENS!!!! BUT we have something called Upper Room, it's baptism and communion, it's once a month from what I understand. But I just didn't want to risk it! Ya know, a baby who is actually throwing up and dry heavin, no fun I tell ya! He's fine now, he was that evening too! He slept a TON more than normal though!

Anyways... I told Skylar that she gets to stay home with mommy and Thad, let's just say she wasn't too happy! :O( So I did what any good mom would do, bribe her! I said do you want to watch Mickey Mouse? She perked right up and said OK!!! I told her, when this is done, we are turning the tv off, understand? Ok mom! By the time it was done, I was done feeding Thaddeus and we go into the kitchen for some fun!!! Boy was it fun! I am tellin' ya, this child is gonna be a couple different things, cook/baker, hairdresser/stylist, and clothes designer! :o) Anyways... I get the big bowl out and she goes and gets a chair and we have fun! She dropped some flour over her and the floor, but hey!

She thought the food chopper was the COOLEST thing EVER!!!!

Digging out the raisins! I know, the bag is bigger than her! LOVE big bags of raisins!!! :O)

Dumping in the raisins

Helping stir it all together after I put the water/honey mixture in!

LOVE the look of seriousness on her face!

Dumping it on the pan to cook!

All done and SUPER delish!!!! :oP

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