Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This child! I didn't get any good pics of it, but she is a DARE DEVIL!!!!!!! I do not like watching her ride her bike in the opposite direction of her brother! She will look like she is going to crash into him and not move until the last possible second!!! Talk about having a heart attack!!!

Need to get her the FULL football grab! Ya know, the helmet and pads?!!? Anyone have a spare football helmet I can have for her??? (Seriously!)

Don't let the cute face fool ya!

Here they come! Saying Zoom, Zoom, NOT from the Mazda car commercial, but from the movie BOLT!!!

My bikers!

See, her face is looking a bit better!

HAD to have the pic taken with his helmet on!

Goofy girl!

TRYING to get one of all of them! NOT gonna happen!!!!!

Thaddeus looking at Skylar who just had her finger in his face 2 seconds ago! ;o)

A little better, let's try again!

Aww, so cute, but not everyone looking at me! Is that too much to ask? I guess so! :O) Let's try ONE MORE time!

Ok, I'm done, that's as good as I'm gonna get! ;o)

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