Monday, October 5, 2009

Chemo #3

Good evening to all,

As you can see from the subject, Herm qualified to get his chemo this week. The schedule will be changed to a rotation of 2 weeks on, 1 week off. Also, the dosage has been reduced by 20%. Dr. Pennington said that sometimes that works out to be a better option, rather than going every week and then not being able to get it anyway because of the blood count. It gives your body a chance to 'recover' from the chemo and build the blood back up. They will be doing the CA 19-9 (cancer marker) blood work on the 19th, but we won't get the results until the following week. (We misunderstood and thought they were doing that today.)

We came home after chemo today and didn't make any visits. Herm slept all afternoon, barely getting awake in time for supper! For some reason, we are both tired and will be gong to bed early tonight. I have been on vacation this week, so need to get back in the groove of putting my work schedule in the mix of things. I really think Herm rests better when I am at, I do not have a 'honey-do list' that he needs to get done!!

Herm has been feeling some pain, but not severe, and it doesn't last long. Also, has been running a temp, but not consistently, and it doesn't stay high. Dr. Penningtion said it could be from the chemo, but not sure. Will continue to keep an eye on it.

This has been a very emotional week and weekend. Our good friends, Bob and Jaime, have gone through a roller coaster cancer week. As Jaime said in her update, Bob was saying his good byes to family and friends on Friday evening and then a MIRACLE happened. Saturday he was moved out of ICU and returned to the cancer floor at Parkview and has since been breathing better and feeling better than he has in a long time. He also got chemo today, after the doctors had said there really isn't anything else they can do for him! Sunday we attended church at Maplewood Mennonite and then visited Level 13. They are meeting at our old church building and have a wonderful witness and outreach in that area. Pastor Rob asked Herm to come forward and had a special service of prayer with us and also for Bob and Jaime. It was very moving to be in that church building were we have worshipped for the past 35 years, but on this Sunday to be with a totally different group of believers. It is so good to see the work that this 'young' congregation is doing and all the lives that are being saved.

We are very touched to think that you continually uphold us in prayer...we know you are by the peace and calm that we are experiencing in our lives through all of this.

May God richly bless each of you and remember there is HOPE and we are HOPEFUL.

Goodnight and love to you all,

Herm and Carol

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