Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Update...

Don't know too much more... Mom and dad should be on the road by now, at the latest it would have been 10:30. They called about 9:40 and were waiting on the nurse to get them an appointment for next Wed or Thurs.
Dr P said that dad would be much more tired now. Which they have seen. Also, they will go in and do x-ray and then see how much water has retained and then get it out. I honestly don't remember what mom said the correct word is! :o)
The doc said that a water pill would NOT work, so that's not an option.
Also, most clinical trails/studies dad would not qualify, just because his biliruben (ok, spell check says it's still wrong, but gives me NO options, ugh, but ya'll know what I'm talking about, right? ;o)) count is too high.
They could do something to the liver, but Dr P said that would be REALLY hard on his liver.
So.. Like I said, don't really know to much more, but a tad bit.
Mom and dad will be gone until Sun, so the doc said he wanted to see him the following Wed or Thursday.
He also said that he has not seen it grow this fast and quickly. From the last time he had a CAT scan until this one, it has grown extremely fast!
So we should know more next week. Options and what they plan on doing...
Mom and dad are really looking forward to getting away and it will be good for them! Like I said before, they totally deserve it! So glad they are able to go.
Again, Dr P said I don't care if you go, just take it easy!

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