Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Were Born For This

You Were Born for This… Serving People… you were born for THIS…. Helping minister Gods will to people… YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS… I just finished reading a life changing book by Bruce Wilkinson the author of Prayer of Jabez. It is entitled “You Were Born for This” Imagine a life where God uses you to complete miracles. Wouldn’t that be a miracle in itself? This book starts with how do we look at miracles? Do you consider these the laying your hands on someone and healing their blindness or their illness?
That is not necessarily the miracle we are discussing.

We are talking about the person who is short $100 to pay their bills and you feel led to give them that $100. Or the person who has prayed to God and said “If you’re real show me.” This book talks us through the Miracle key, unlocking the thought that ASKING God as Isaiah did to USE ME is something we should do daily. Then unlocking the PEOPLE key where we truly LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS WE LOVE OURSELVES… Next we read of the Spirit key unlocking our hearts to sense God’s nudges. And then the Risk Key, helping us to see that God wants us to take risks.

This book is full of personal stories of people who needed to feel God’s touch and proof that God is actively seeking workers. I have seen this in my own life. There were times when I was first married where we were very short on funds and someone from church would bring us groceries. These friends felt God leading to help us and didn’t know why.

Could you do this? Could I? I read this book praying about how much I wanted to put this book into practice. I read the first 3 keys feeling in tune but afraid to try them… The Risk Key was what I needed to read. I too often think that God would not lead me to do anything that is uncomfortable or that I am afraid of. Yet, why wouldn’t HE… Do not be afraid of your fear but know that God will give the strength, the peace, etc…

So are you ready to seek out opportunities to minister every single day? Are you ready to wake up and ask God daily “PLEASE Lord, Send Me! Put people in my path today that I can minister to. Nudge me and show me the people you want me to touch today!”

Imagine if all the Christians in the world lived like this? How would that world be different than the one we live in currently? Go pick up your copy of this book “You Were Born For This” by Bruce Wilkinson, today at your local Family Christian Stores or

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Happy Reading!!!

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