Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please Pray...

Wow, what a couple of days this has been!
First dad didn't get chemo, but that's ok... I guess... ;o)
Then I hear Bob is back in the hospital and not sure what's going on with him. His breathing is hard... They are giving him morphine because it helps him breathe. Still not sure if he is going to Mayo or not?
Then I find out my bestest friend (basically my sister!!!), her mom has thyroid cancer. They don't know much of anything else right now. But her family needs prayer!!! From what I have read of it, it is treatable most likely by surgery and then a round of chemo to make sure... But it is still so very hard! It's the LAST thing you think you will hear, that a family member has cancer!
Please keep praying for dad, Bob and Samantha and her mom and fam!!! Samantha has a younger brother. They all live in the same town, so they can be there for each other...
Thank you for your prayers!!!

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