Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lobsters or Alligators? Hmm...

Went into Giant the other day, it's like a Kroger or Hy-Vee, and I got the car cart. Whoo hoo!!! (Notice the sarcasm???) They also have the "shopper in Training" carts, you know, the pint size carts for kids? BUT I really didn't want my ankles to be crunched, so I compromised and got the car cart. Anyways... This day there were a TON of old farts shopping, and when I say old farts I mean like 80 year olds!! So Gavin and Skylar were in the front "driving" and Kotah was "helping" me push the cart. I hear Skylar YELL "I WANT TO SEE THE ALLIGATORS MOM!!!!!! Oh my goodness, EVERY head turned my direction and some of them were laughing. Then I said "Uh honey, do you mean LOBSTERS?" She replied "NO, I WANT TO SEE THE ALLIGATORS!!!" By this time they allll are laughing and one lady was bent over because she thought it was sooo funny! Ok, it was funny, but not doubling over funny! I said Skylar babe, they are lobsters! She said yeah, I want to see those! :O) One lady came over and said, oh your kids are so cute! I love this one! (Pointing to Skylar) Then she said thanks for making her morning! :O) The things my kids say... ;o)

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Angela said...

Too cute! Sometimes, as moms, its easy to forget what joy kids bring!!!
Love your beautiful flowers and we're still praying for your dad!!