Friday, September 4, 2009

Just a Quick Update

Mom and dad went to Goshen today. They were there for a couple of hours and got a TON of info! They will not be doing a chemo treatment on Tuesday the 8th like they thought. He will go the 14th (a Monday) for his 1st treatment. They won't be able to put a port in until after his 1st treatment on another day.
Each treatment they say to expect atleast an hour (especially the 1st time), but it could take as little as 15 minutes. he goes one time a week for 3 weeks, then off for one, and then same thing over again. They told him if he would get sick, he would by that Wednesday, but they are pretty hopeful that he won't get sick or lose his hair. Gemzar is a mild chemo and less side effects I guess. Which is good!
They said that he is to stay away from anybody that has had a shot, only b/c his immune system is down even more so and his chances of getting sick is greater. They told him kids who get a chicken pox immunization need to stay away b/c chances are, dad would get shingles, not fun! Also anyone who is sick needs to stay away from him while doing chemo. He will get whatever that person has and be even worse. Mom is thinking about getting a flu shot for that very reason...
I don't know too much more. I know mom and dad have gotten a ton of info and all their questions they had are now answered. Will update more as I find out more!
Just wanted to post what I know!

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