Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If God Is Good

Randy Alcorns latest book, If God Is Good. Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil.

Isn't it funny how God is in control of EVERYTHING? And how His timing is PERFECT???

Before we even knew about my dad's cancer, I got an e-mail asking if I wanted to read this book and blog about it. I just saw that it was by Randy Alcorn and was like uh yeah! I honestly didn't even pay attention to the title! All of his books are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I have read so many of his books, I think almost all of them! Anyways... So I get this in the mail about 2 weeks ago. I kinda start laughing and say, wow! I told Curt, funny how I requested this book even before we knew about dad! Again, I am not questioning why God did this, but this is such an AWESOME book! In all honesty, I am not through it all. But I have read enough to know that this is one awesome book and would recommend it to EVERYONE, whether you are suffering or not! I sooooo wish I had an extra copy to do as a give away, but I don't, and I am being selfish, I don't want to give my copy away! :o) But you can purchase it at your local Family Christian Store or

I am just going to write some things that I've read so far down.

The faith that can't be shaken is the faith that has been shaken.

God tells us that trials is which evil and suffering come upon us "have come so that your faith-of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire- may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed." 1 Peter 1:7

In May 2000, Pastor James Montgomery Boice stood before his Philadelphia church and explained that he had been diagnosed with liver cancer. This is what he said:
"Should you pray for a miracle? Well, you're free to do that, of course. My general impression is that the God who is able to do miracles-and He certainly can- is also able to keep you from getting the problem in the first place. So although miracles do happen, they're rare by definition... Above all, I would say pray for the glory of God. If you think of God glorifying Himself in history and you say, where in all of history has God most glorified Himself? He did it at the cross of Jesus Christ, ad it wasn't by delivering Jesus from the cross, though He could have...
God is in charge. When things like this come into our lives, they are not accidental. It's not as if God somehow forgot what was going on, and something bad slipped by... God s not only the one in charge, God is also good. Everything He does is good... If God does something in your life, would you change it? If you'd change it, you'd make it worse. It wouldn't be as good."
Eight weeks later, having taught his people first how to live and then how to die, Pastor Boice departed this world to "be with Christ, which is better by far" (Philippians 1:23)

This is taken from the back of the book:
Alcorn offers insights from his conversations with men and women whose lives have been torn apart by suffering, and yet whose faith in God burns brighter than ever. He reveals the big picture of who God is and what God is doing in the world-now and forever. And he equips you to share your faith more clearly and genuinely in this world of pain and fear.

I love how he puts so many scripture references in here. This is such a huge book, that I didn't want to just read it and breeze on through! (It has 494 pages!!!!!) Plus in the back of the book, it has all the Scripture that he has put in the book! If he took a quote from a book that he read, he put that in the end of each and every chapter!

Seriously, all in all, this is such a great book and I am not even half way through! I think this would tie in with his other book Heaven, which I haven't read all the way through either! He also has a Heaven book for kids. Great for your kids that have questions about Heaven.

You NEED to read this book!!!! I HIGHLY recommend this book! I recommend a LOT of books, but this one, it's a MUST READ!!!!!!

Post a comment if you've read this and why you like it! It answers all and any questions you may have, or if you've ever been in a convo where this question is brought up.

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