Tuesday, September 29, 2009

E-mail from Dad and Mom

Good evening,

Sure feels like late fall here in Fort Wayne this evening...very windy and cold. We just got home from Parkview Hospital visiting Bob and Jaime. Bob spent the past week in Indy at IU Med Center only to come home for several days and be admitted to Parkview. He is having difficulty breathing and feeling very congested. Is on oxygen 24/7. Please remember this young couple as they face yet another health crisis. They may be going to Mayo Clinic for further testing/evaluation if they can't find the problem here. Thank you to Pastor Barry for taking time to have prayer and visit with Bob this eve.

We made our Monday trek to Goshen today, but Herm's white blood cell count was not good enough to get chemo. The first week it was 205, the second 112, and then today it was 82. It needs to be atleast 100 in order for them to give chemo. It is common for the count to drop when getting chemo, but said it is unusual for it to drop so quickly. Next week they will do a cancer marker test (CA19-9) to see how the numbers compare with the first test. Deana said it could be that the dose of chemo is too much for Herm, even though he is receiving a low dose, or the cancer is doing 'something'. He also is a little anemic, weight has stayed the same from last week. His blood sugar numbers have been much better, so we are thankful for that.

He has no pain and is able to sleep and can eat without feeling nauseous. Getting ready to try Kefir....says he needs to be really well rested before he indulges!!

We truly feel so blessed to have so many upholding us as we walk this cancer journey.

Love and peace to you all,

Herm and Carol

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