Friday, September 4, 2009

E-mail from Dad and Mom about Goshen

Good Evening to all,

Today = information overload.......

Goshen CCC called and wanted us up there this afternoon to go over all the info that we need to process before chemo treatments begin and having the port put in. We came home with a 3 inch ring binder full of information to read. Met with a nurse who has worked in oncology and has been doing chemo for 10 years. Insurance approval has not come through for chemo and with the holiday weekend won't until Tuesday, at the earliest. Herm would like to start chemo on a Monday, so we have an appointment for September 14 to begin treatment. Will be at Goshen CCC at 8am for blood work, chemo at 8:30, and following chemo will have the port put in. They will let us know the time for that procedure next week. The port will be used to deliver the chemo and also do blood draws. Saves being poked all the time for these procedures. The dosage of chemo Herm will get should not make him sick and experience hair loss. Although it is possible, because each person is unique and can react differently to treatments.

They gave us the results of the blood work Herm had done last week. Numbers are getting better, just not good enough to be in the clinical study. The one count which is extremely high is the CA 19-9 which is the cancer marker. Once chemo is started, that number is expected to go down.

In the last update, I failed to mention last Sunday's annointing service at Maplewood Mennonite for Herm. It was a beautiful Spirit-filled service. We are in awe of being led to this congregation and are overwhelmed by their outpouring of love to us and our family. Also appreciated our family members and friends who came to be with us for this service of annointing.

Your prayers are continually appreciated as we travel this cancer journey. There is HOPE.....and we are HOPEFUL.

Until next time...
Love and peace,

Herm and Carol

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