Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't Want Jesus to Die...

Today we dropped off the lunch for the managers and Curt played the new song from the Veggie Tale Christmas (let me point out that it isn't out, but you can go to Veggie Tales Website, I think you can get it from Family Christian Stores website too? and download the song, such a COOL song that Matthew West wrote and sang with Amy Grant! Check it out!!!!)
Anyways, the kids were watching it while I was packing up the leftovers and Skylar came over to me REALLY serious. She said Mom, I don't want Jesus to die!!! She was DEAD serious, her eyes were huge too! (have you seen her serious face with huge eyes? Breaks your heart!!) I said oh baby, He isn't dead! He's alive in Heaven! She said, I don't want Him to die! I said well, He died to save you and me and everyone else! That way if we ask Jesus in our hearts, when we die, we can go live with Him in Heaven! She kinda perked up and said oh, ok. I said, He isn't dead baby, He is ALIVE and waiting for us in Heaven! She then said, oh Great Grandma Holloway in Heaven too? I said yep baby, she's waiting too! She was ok then! She's only 3!!! (Almost 3, next Friday!!!) I am not sure what she saw if there was a picture of Jesus on the cross on that video or what, I have no idea what brought that statement on!

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