Monday, September 28, 2009


Well, dad went to Goshen this morning and they did the normal vampire draw. They said his white blood cells count was to low that they didn't want to give him chemo. His numbers when he 1st started chemo were 200something, then last week they were 100something, and this week they were 82. They said that if it is below 100, they don't like to give chemo. The chemo usually makes your white blood cells lower, so they didn't want to give it to dad. They will do a, oh, uh-huh.... I TOTALLY forget what it's call now, but another vampire draw to see, oh, I think it's called a cancer count test.
(I guess I should say that I am writing this b/c mom and dad are at the hospital VISITING Bob and Jamie right now. Just wanted to get this out incase you all were wondering how he is and all that other good stuff!)
So they will do that test next week. They said they don't normally do this test until you've had chemo for about 6 weeks. But since his numbers are so low, they want to know what his cancer is doing.
But dad's sugar count has been good, so that's good!
He is feeling good, so that's good!
Like I said they are at the hospital with Bob and Jamie, PLEASE pray for them!!!! They are such awesome friends! They have been there sooooo much for mom and dad! Pray that they can figure out what's going on with Bob!
Will post the normal e-mail that mom sends out whenever she gets it written... That's all I know right now...

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