Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chemo #2

Got this e-mail from my mom late last nite and just now getting a chance to post it!

Chemo days to Goshen end up being long days. We left this morning at 7 and returned home at 8:30 this eve. It is always good to visit while we are in Goshen, so the time was not all spent at the hospital getting treatment.
We got to - have lunch with Matt (great nephew)
- surprise quick visit with Jon (nephew)
- visited with Dorothy and Tony (my sister and her hubby) who just moved to Goshen from PA
- quick chat with Darlene (childhood friend from PA)
- then headed to Ft Wayne only to have a very FLAT tire on highway 6.
We pulled off the road me telling Herm the whole time "You are NOT going to change the tire, we will call AAA". He said "Pop the trunk". While I was on the phone with AAA, a state trooper zoomed by only to turn around and quickly take over. He said, "You will be on your way long before AAA will ever get here." ......and he proceeded to get the job done. WE WERE SO THANKFUL.....TO SAY THE LEAST.

Today we learned that Herm's chemo will be weekly for a period of undetermined weeks. Herm had the port put in last week, so this was the first chemo through the port. He used prescribed numbing cream on the site of the port so didn't even feel the needle prick. They always do blood work first to see where all the numbers are, and if it is wise to give the chemo for that particular week. We had a visit with Deana, Dr. Pennington's nurse practitioner, and then back to the infusion room for the chemo. Also, Herm gained 2 pounds this week...I certainly won't be telling you when I gain 2 pounds!!

We asked Deana once again, why Herm does not qualify for any type of surgery and she said, that with stage 4 cancer it would be impossible to surgically remove all of the cancer, therefore not wise to proceed with surgery. We are hoping and praying that the chemo will do its thing. We continue to follow a healthy diet and Herm is taking all the supplements that are recommended for him to take. She also said that as new clinical trials become available, and Herm would qualify for them, that absolutely he could be a part of one.

There are many patients in the infusion room, all in various stages of treatment. The staff at Goshen is most positive in their approach with patients. Once again, we are thankful for being led to go to Goshen for this portion of the cancer journey.

God is so good and had this all figured out way before we can even begin to imagine. We found out this week that Herm has been approved for Social Security Disability and the checks are already deposited into our checking account before we were even notified that it had taken affect!!
Also, got one of the Parkview Hospital bills for $22,924.58 and our portion to pay after insurance will be only $297.66. Another Parkview stay was $15,807.43 and our part is $223.90. We have filled out the forms for the cancer insurance and will be turning all that in when we get the itemized statements from the hospitals and doctors. Cancer insurance is one of those 'extra' insurances that you hope you will NEVER have to use, and wonder when you sign up for it, why you are even getting it....now we know.

Thankful for each day and for each of you. Thankful for your prayers and your friendship. Thankful for a kind and merciful God. Thankful for these cancer days that we have been called to explore....don't understand why, but don't think it is important that we know why, but that we use these times to glorify the ONE who has created us.

Would like to ask that you also remember our good friends Bob and Jaime as they are in Indy waiting for Bob to be released to come home, hopefully, even yet tonight...late as it is. Still no answers as to what is causing his breathing difficulty.
Also, Stew and Loaine...Stew also with an undiagnosed illness that is illusive...leaving Stew with breathing difficulty and mobility issues.


Love and peace to you all,

Herm and Carol

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