Saturday, August 8, 2009

Waiting for Doc...

Guess there was a misunderstanding, or the doc got a little too busy, but he didn't come up to see dad tonite. The nurse said he would be there sometime tomorrow.
Dad isn't in anymore pain, which is good. He ate another Popsicle, but nothing else.
His blood pressure is 85 over 48 or something low like that. Mom said his temp is a little low, but I guess that's because of the Tylenol that they gave him downstairs.
He isn't really sweating as much, so that's also good.
He has been able to sleep a little off and on tonite, hopefully he will get a good nite sleep tonite!
So, don't really know much of anything else until the doc comes in. Mom is on her way home to get a couple of things, then going back over to the hospital to spend the nite.
Thanks to all of you who visited them tonite!
Will be leaving sometime tomorrow.
Kotah has had a bad head-ache all day today and slept off and on ALLL day, so as long as she is feeling ok, we will leave. If not, will wait until Monday, but planning on leaving tomorrow.
Guess I better go and get some more stuff around, or I won't be leaving!!! :O)
Thanks again for all your prayers!!!!

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