Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Morning Update...

Is Tues already? I am lost and confused!!! :o)
Mom called and said dad had a rough nite. He broke out in sweats again. Mom stayed at the house last nite and she asked him why didn't he call, dad's response"Ya didn't need to come over and watch me sweat!" So dad is feeling fine with that comment! :O)
The doc came in and he took the IV out, but the pic line is still in just in case they need to give him something. He also said he couldn't give him the go ahead to go home, he needed to talk to the bacterial infection docs. Or whatever they are called! ;o) I guess they can either give him a pill to help with the infection, or he could get moved to different room on floor 2. He's already on the 2nd floor, but they would move him into the continuing care part. He wouldn't be able to stay on the cancer side, the side where the nurses are oh sooooo much nicer! So... Waiting to hear back on that...
Mom and dad will fight for him to come home... I mean if the only reason he is still there is for them to give him his meds 2x a day... i think he can handle that... ;o)
Getting ready to go up to the Cecils for the day. Aunt Charity said they could go swimming... Fun, fun, fun!!!
Will update tonite when I get back from Cecil's.

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