Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Evening Update

This is an e-mail my mom wrote and sent out, so I just am copying it on here.
She wanted me to post that they have a new appointment for Goshen on Monday, it's in the afternoon. (She didn't tell me what time...)

Good evening to all...
Today has been basically a good day, even after we got over the news that Herm would NOT be going home today as we had hoped. Infectious Disease Doctor came in and said he is not free to go until they find out what his blood contains. We are NOT in isolation and are free to roam the halls and even had a date night in the cafeteria! As I said before, waiting is the hardest.

The metal stent was inserted in the bile duct through the pancreas yesterday. They drained/aspirated 60 cc's of puss from his liver/bile duct when they removed the plastic stent that was causing the problem. Since they now know that surgery is not an option, they could put the metal stent in. This is a more permanent stent, actually can't be taken out, but they can put another one in or insert a plastic one in it, if it would also become clogged with the tumor. Dr. said rarely do they need to go back in.

Herm had a rough night last night, but was able to rest today and is much more comfortable. The IV is disconnected, however the (line) is still in, they use it to inject the doses of antibiotic that he needs every 6 hours and runs for an hour.

He loves to have company...you may want to call first, to make sure he is in the room, if you are planning a visit. I will be working the rest of the week, providing everything stays as it is now.

Mandy and the children are in the Fort for the week. Has been so nice to have them here, the grandchildren are so nice to have around:) Kris and Amy and the boys will return the last of August for a long weekend:)

Thank you all for your prayers, calls, visits and words of encouragement. We feel blessed to have so many upholding us in prayer.

Love to all,
Herm and Carol

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